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How Gravity Tech Media Saved My Business

I was ready to start my own business. A law firm. I had over a decade of experience, practicing law with one of the world’s largest law firms, earning my stripes as a litigator, and honing my craft as General Counsel for a defense contractor to the U.S. Federal Government. Only one thing was stopping me – I didn’t have a website.

I tried my best to build one. I spent days trying to build my own using Yola, Wix, and WordPress. They all looked terrible.

After two awful website builds and months of delays in launching my business, I was ready to give up on starting a business altogether. I couldn’t build a decent website on my own, and most developers cost far too much money to develop what I had in mind.

However, lucky for me I reached out to Gravity Tech Media and after mere days, they had built an exceptional and sophisticated website for my new law firm. Within a week, I had populated that template with my own copy which was reviewed and optimized for SEO. In less than a month, I had everything I needed: an eye-popping homepage, a comprehensive ‘services’ page, a page for blogs and other publications, and functioning lead forms. They even helped me connect the host domain to the new website after I messed up the DNS settings.

Screenshot of out-house attorney's website

Gravity Tech Media didn’t just build me a functioning website. They went above-and-beyond to build something incredible. They edited relevant 4K videos, walked me through the process of setting up my own Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google My Business, and linked all my socials (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) to Zoho Social so I could manage them all in one place. Best of all, I was taught how to manage the website myself so that I could make future changes and edits on my own without any coding required. After him guiding me through the process, managing this website going forward and my online marketing should be much easier.

In less than a month, they built me a better website than I ever dreamed, taught me how to manage back-office functions, and set up every Google and social media element I would need to launch and grow my business. What’s more, this whole process (which covered more than I’d ever anticipated) was reasonably priced and will save me a lot in the long run.

Gravity Tech Media took me from the brink of giving up on my business, to launching it in less than a month. If you want a cutting-edge, next-generation, and affordable website Andrew and the team get my glowing recommendation.

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Lynden Renwick, Esq.

Founding Partner

Out-House Attorneys


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