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How much should I pay for a website? and what can I expect?

The cost of a website can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you would like it to be, it will also largely depend on the features you need available to you on the website and extra services your web designer may provide as part of building the site for you.

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When writing these articles I always provide the information you need upfront and give you the choice to read in greater detail below should you wish to. So with that in mind, a 'display' website for a personal brand or small business (one that purely is used to show your business online and provide some contact information and details about your services or products) should cost between $1,000-$3,000. If you want databases for products and client information, and online shopping, or a blog included in that it can be towards the top of that range, likely more.

Note that, you do have cheaper and easier ways to build websites now with DIY website builders such as Wix and Wordpress. The end product might not be as good if you don't put in the effort or hire someone to do setup the website for you using these builders but I generally recommend to clients to look at these sites this will help have your website up and running faster and often better than hiring someone to code it from scratch. The sites are often free to make and usually you would only pay for a basic package which includes hosting and is usually a similar cost of hosting a web designer created site anyway. But these DIY websites provide easy to use, mostly free, and optional extras such as blogs, booking services, online product sales, search engine optimisation, members profiles, client databases and more.

Another thing to consider is that by paying someone to make the website by coding it from scratch you are forcing yourself to pay each time you need to make adjustments such as adding new information, pages, or media to your site.

For these costs, you need to ask your web designer (whether by coding themself or using a website such as Wix) to:

  • make sure that the site is optimised for SEO;

  • provide all the login details for your domain, hosting, and other services essential to the website;

  • integrate your social media accounts;

  • compress your video footage to high-quality but low size files to improve SEO and reduce load times; and

  • guidance on costs to make adjustments to the site if needed down the track.

We hope the above information is helpful and gives you a guide as to beginning into online marketing, if at any point during or after the website is built and you would need some high-quality imagery or videos to display on your website feel free to send us a message on our homepage, here.

Best of luck!

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