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Promoting your business online

There are many specialists dedicated to helping promote your business online, but if you are at the beginning stages of your business and don't want to hire a specialist just yet below are some simple tips to help you get your business on the right foot.

Improving Search Rankings

Your first step is to setup your analytics with Google, Bing, Facebook, and any others that may be helpful to you. These allow you to track your progress and also gives these sites greater insight into how your site improves. After this, consider the following:

  • Provide updates regularly and about your subject matter

This can be in the form of writing short posts on Google my business, Facebook, Twitter, or a blog (even better is all of them). By continually writing about your business many specialists seem to agree that Google views your site more favourably. Having a blog would be an effective way to do this as it directly links to your domain and is continually shows your domain as 'active'.

  • Have engaging content

Content that draws in your target audience and holds them on your website for more than a few seconds can not only help generate leads but also likely help your site with search rankings.

  • Backlinks from other sources are very important

Backlinking is where other sites provide links directly to your site. The more reputable the site the more weight search engines will give to the backlink. Search engines likely also consider how unreputable the source is and whether the link is being spammed (for example a business owner going onto YouTube and posting their link in the comments of videos).

Promoting your business and brand

  • Get reviews

Positive reviews are a great foundation as it gives your business a sense of integrity to those looking to do business with you. Some reviews might not be as positive as you would like but it is best to approach them in a positive manner and offer to rectify any shortcomings.

  • Have a portfolio of high-quality videos and photos

Whether you are a resort trying to promote yourself in the tourism industry, or a construction business trying to show your services and offering to new prospective clients having high quality and unique online digital media positions you well to make the most of your online marketing. There is some suggestion that search engines prefer websites that aren't just walls of text and instead include digital media in an engaging way. On the flipside you need to make sure you either have a videographer/photographer or website designer who knows what they are doing as if the website media is too high quality and isn't compressed in the right formats and isn't using advanced compressions such as a multiple VBR pass with variable compression ranges the loading times of the website content could severely impact your search rankings.

  • Keep your marketing and video media short and to the point

No one wants to spend 5 minutes watching a promotional video for your business. If you are including video on your website, ask your videographer to create a 15-30 second clip which can loop on your website showing the best of your business. Even marketing clips shouldn't be longer than a minute.

If you would like further information, or to contact us, please feel free to visit our main page and reach out.

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