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Everything taken care of...   (and tailored to your needs)

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We make these websites with you front of mind. We know you don't want to think about managing a website and so we use a platform that allows you to make changes that are as simple as a clicking a button. From day 1 your website will do everything you need and at any time you can turn on/off any features you need for your site and there is a support team there 24/7 to help you make any changes.

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Do you build eCommerce Stores?

Yes, we make online stores easy

  • accept and manage bookings for service-based businesses

  • online shop for products and stores

  • customer and potential customer databases

  • invoicing, receipts, discounts, dropshipping, tax

  • get your website found on Google & Bing

  • email and social media campaigns

Our eCommerce Websites have advanced store capabilities that can be optimised and customised with easy to adjust store settings. Your store will accept multiple forms of payments with all major cards and payment providers accepted. You can even set customized tax and shipping rules for each destination.

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24/7 Support

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View your website being made live, in record time, at low cost

  • Access to view your website being designed and created live as we make it

  • Leave comments and feedback on your website so we can design it exactly as you want it

  • 1-2 week turnaround for most websites, without compromising on quality or design

  • affordable website designers waiting at the button below

All the extras, just in case you need it

  • Understand your visitors with free advanced analytics

  • Monitor your website performance and find out how to improve it

  • 24/7 technical support from platform web developers

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Worry free, hassle free,

100% guarantee

  • Our professional website developers will not stop until your website is exactly as expected

  • Everything taken care of, with as little or as many advanced features that you need

  • Powered by the most advanced, secure, and reliable website hosting and platform available today

Don't just take our word for it...

Out-House Attorneys

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Out-House Attorneys LLC

Lyden Renwick

Lucky for me I reached out to Gravity Tech Media and after mere days, they had built an exceptional and sophisticated website for my new law firm. In less than a month, I had everything I needed: an eye-popping homepage, a comprehensive ‘services’ page, a page for blogs and other publications, and functioning lead forms. They even helped me connect the host domain to the new website after I messed up the DNS settings.

Gravity Tech Media didn’t just build me a functioning website. They went above-and-beyond to build something incredible. Best of all, I was taught how to manage the website myself so that I could make future changes and edits on my own without any coding required.


This whole process (which covered more than I’d ever anticipated) was reasonably priced and will save me a lot in the long run.


Gravity Tech Media took me from the brink of giving up on my business, to launching it in less than a month. If you want a cutting-edge, next-generation, and affordable website Gravity Tech Media get my glowing recommendation."


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Web Design Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide good quality care?

All our staff are qualified with an NVQ Level 2 and they range all the way up to NVQ Level 5. The staffs training is regularly updated regularly with training from Redcrier training solutions. This is our residents' home and we want them to feel that way so we place great emphasis on their safety and security, prioritising their well-being, happiness, dignity and self respect.

Is the premises safe and secure?

Yes, all doors entering the building are electronic and CCTV to the entrances are in operation around the clock providing an optimum level of security.

How much does it cost?

The prices vary from person to person depending on whether a general residential or residential EMI remit are met, as well as the bedroom type. The weekly cost will vary from year to year, and is projected from the Fair Cost of Care Workshops undertaken by Providers and the Local Authority. If you would like an accurate price assessment for your family member get in touch with our team and we will gladly give you more information. Call us on 01597 822 020.

Am I entitled to any funding?

This is based on the income or capital you have, this is the total amount of your savings, any property you own and any shares you might have: The capital limit currently sits at £50,000 in Wales, as opposed to £23,250 in England. If your capital limit exceeds £50,000, the Local Authority will require you to contribute to the cost of your care; if under this limit, then the Local Authority will likely cover the cost of care.

Where can I find more information on funding?

If you have not already used the link above then here are three sites that provide extra information on funding: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/home-and-care/care-homes/ https://www.carehome.co.uk/ https://en.powys.gov.uk/article/2465/Make-a-Referral The third link would be suitable in arranging a financial assessment.

What types of care do you provide?

We provide Residential Care and Care for those with Dementia and do so at the highest standards we can possibly provide.

Does a GP or other type of professional visit the home?

Yes, we have regular visits from GP's, Community Nurses, Consultants as well as Social Workers and advocates. Our mission is to make sure our residents are safe and healthy and the best possible way to ensure this is to have regular visits from GP's and other trusted professional bodies.

What type of activities do you offer?

We provide a range of activities from gardening with our own raised vegetable patches that the residents love along with arts and craft, musical entertainment and day trips to beautiful areas such as the Elan Valley Dams providing the residents with a breath of fresh air and reigniting their once adventurous young selves. These trips are made possible and more frequent with the use of our own minibus. To see what other activities we have to offer visit our Activities Page.

Can residents spend time outside?

Of course, we have a seating area outside for any of the residents that enjoy spending time outside as well as a vegetable patch for those gardening aficionados.

Do I need to book a visit to look around?

We have an open door policy so there is no essential need to book a visit, so pay us a visit anytime between 9am - 5pm and we will be delighted to show you around the place.

Can family and friends visit when they want?

Of course loved ones may visit whenever they please, this is our residents' home and it should be treated as such and if a resident wishes for loved ones to visit them late in the evening then that is entirely up to them and their loved ones. We are firm believers that a family should see each other as regularly as possible regardless of the time.

What training does your care team have?

All members of staff have an NVQ Level 2 and range all the way up to NVQ Level 5. They are also trained in Safeguarding of Vulnerable People as well as Movement and People Handling. Staff members are always at hand that have training in first aid, infection control, diabetes and other medical training. A well rounded knowledge base is what we strive for in providing your family members with the care that they deserve.