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About Us
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What do I get?

Everything taken care of...   (and tailored to your needs)

  • get your website found on Google & Bing

  • Industry-Leading SEO

  • setup your email address

  • email and social media campaigns

  • blogs or customer updates

  • customer live chat system and contact forms

  • automated emails

  • 24/7 support from our platform providers

We make these websites with you front of mind. We know you don't want to think about managing a website and so we use a platform that allows you to make changes that are as simple as a clicking a button. From day 1 your website will do everything you need and at any time you can turn on/off any features you need for your site and there is a support team there 24/7 to help you make any changes.

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Do you build eCommerce Stores?

Yes, we make online stores easy

  • accept and manage bookings for service-based businesses

  • online shop for products and stores

  • customer and potential customer databases

  • invoicing, receipts, discounts, dropshipping, tax

  • get your website found on Google & Bing

  • email and social media campaigns

Our eCommerce Websites have advanced store capabilities that can be optimised and customised with easy to adjust store settings. Your store will accept multiple forms of payments with all major cards and payment providers accepted. You can even set customized tax and shipping rules for each destination.

Developed websites

Let us bring your business to life and build the website of your dreams

The essentials

Modern Design

Easy To Manage

Fast Performance

Mobile Friendly

Some important extras

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Enterprise Grade Security

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Industry leading SEO

24/7 support

24/7 Support

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Scalable Hosting

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Extremely Fast Development

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Advanced but easy

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View your website being made live, in record time, at low cost

  • Access to view your website being designed and created live as we make it

  • Leave comments and feedback on your website so we can design it exactly as you want it

  • 1-2 week turnaround for most websites, without compromising on quality or design

  • affordable website designers waiting at the button below

All the extras, just in case you need it

  • Understand your visitors with free advanced analytics

  • Monitor your website performance and find out how to improve it

  • 24/7 technical support from platform web developers

Australian Website Design Background
Web Analytics Design
Australian Website Design Background
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Worry free, hassle free,

100% guarantee

  • Our professional website developers will not stop until your website is exactly as expected

  • Everything taken care of, with as little or as many advanced features that you need

  • Powered by the most advanced, secure, and reliable website hosting and platform available today

Don't just take our word for it...

Out-House Attorneys

Photograph of Client

Lyden Renwick

Out-House Attorneys LLC

Lucky for me I reached out to Gravity Tech Media and after mere days, they had built an exceptional and sophisticated website for my new law firm. In less than a month, I had everything I needed: an eye-popping homepage, a comprehensive ‘services’ page, a page for blogs and other publications, and functioning lead forms. They even helped me connect the host domain to the new website after I messed up the DNS settings.

Gravity Tech Media didn’t just build me a functioning website. They went above-and-beyond to build something incredible. Best of all, I was taught how to manage the website myself so that I could make future changes and edits on my own without any coding required.


This whole process (which covered more than I’d ever anticipated) was reasonably priced and will save me a lot in the long run.


Gravity Tech Media took me from the brink of giving up on my business, to launching it in less than a month. If you want a cutting-edge, next-generation, and affordable website Gravity Tech Media get my glowing recommendation."

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  • How much does a website cost? and how can you be so competitively priced compared to others?
    We have extensive experience building everything from basic informational websites, all the way through to full service eCommerce websites with 100's of products and more. Even the most complex websites don't need to cost an arm and a leg anymore and we often cringe when we hear one of our videography clients later tell us they have been quoted $3,000 or even in some cases $10,000 for usually just a simple website. We can often do it at a fraction of the cost and with a guarantee of the same if not better results. We find a basic website will cover 60% of the clients we work for, and for those with more complex sites we would charge up to $5,000 for the most complex websites. The reason we are so affordable is because of our experience using newer website playtforms with low overheads costs and that allow us to develop quicker. Also, we often find that a lot of clients who design a website with us with use our SEO, Advertising, or Social media management or even videography services later. We also get a lot of referrals which helps us earn quite a bit. This is why we can price more competitively. Feel free to ask for a free quote, we guarantee you wont be dissapointed.
  • How long will it take a web designer to build my site?
    While it may depend on the type of website you want and how many features you need it should only take up to 2 weeks maximum with all the technology available to an experienced website designer. We often have a turnaround time of 1 week for simple websites and 2 weeks for more complex ones. This includes an opportunity for you to review your site, make comments and request changes and while we want to have your perfect website running for you as soon as practical we want to give you the time to look over your site and make sure it is exactly what you want and need. Even after we go live with exactly the site you needed at the time, we give all our clients 3 months to request changes for free!
  • Who do you build websites for?
    A lot of our requests to design a website are from fellow Australians in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and even our mates down in Tasmania and everywhere in between. We often get contacted by people who are starting their own business or want to move their business online and don't want to spend thousands and are looking for someone they can trust. We also have made a few websites for international clients and have all the communication tools avaiable to get feedback on websites 24/7 and we will accomodate to you no matter your timezone.
  • How do I know if a website designer is right for me?
    You shouldn't need to pay thousands for a web designer nowdays, but at the same time it is important to check they are experienced website developers. They will often have reviews of their work and proudly display them on their site. Check to see they also offer the services you need such as eCommerce, Analytics, ongoing support and that they don't have any nasty hidden fees. If you go with another professional make sure that they disclose all the costs upfront including, development costs, website and email hosting, amendment costs, tech support, eCommerce platform fees etc.
  • Why do I need a web designer?
    A website designer (a good one) will have the experience to setup your site for sucess. This includes organising domains, hosting, business email accounts, making sure Google and other search engines love it (SEO), you have all the features you want and need (eCommerce, Blogs, Invoicing, Social media integration, advertising, analytics), and most importantly something that is easy to use and you don't need a computer science degree to operate once they are done. We make sure every website we make for our clients has every last thing taken care of for them which saves them days if not weeks worth of work and that when we are done they never have to pay another designer or developer again (including us!). Our backend platform is super easy to use to make blog posts (google loves those!), make small changes and more. You will also have a 24/7 technical support line should you need it and your designer is also on call iduring business hours f you need us.
  • How do I know if my website is good?
    This will largely depend on your needs and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Common considerations include ease of use, a fast loading time, attractive design, mobile and different screen resolution compatibility, and functionality and services available through the site. Sometimes there is a trade-off with attractive design and loading times as an example. Finding the right balance is difficult and there are tricks and tools professionals can use to reduce or eliminate the need to make a trade-off.
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