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Social media video content is quickly becoming the leader in advertising

It is no surprise in a world transitioning to the use of apps such as TikTok and the uprising and quick dethroning of snapchat stories by Instagram’s own version that video is quickly becoming king. Instagram is now heavily pushing its new video format IGTV, along with new media companies such as Netflix and others quickly bringing video content to your mobile phones, consumers and potential clients are consuming more video than ever.

A recent research study by shows that 72% prefer video over text when it comes to researching a service or product. Videos ability to show multiple aesthetic and informative stories to a potential customer compared to a stagnant photo or wall of text is a good guess why.

Personally, although sometimes I prefer to read text or enjoy a well taken photograph (such as the above), I certainly prefer to absorb information through a well-designed and to the point video.

80% of marketers say that video increases visitors time spent on their websites (, 2019). As of March 2019, it is suggested that Google gives some consideration to how long people spend visiting your website before moving on. This shows that people are engaged with your website, which is much easier to do with a relevant and eye-catching video.

With greater importance being placed on video it will become increasingly critical to start incorporating the types of videos that work for your brand.

53% of consumers and 66% of millennials engage with brands that utilise video marketing on social media (, 2018).

There are many other ways to incorporate video as well, with videos (or links to videos) in your email signature, full screen vertical video posts on Instagram, video showcasing or your products or services via Google My Business, and more.

For tips, advice, or just a general chat about how we could help incorporate video into your website or social media strategy reach out to us on our homepage here.

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