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How to Approve a Google Ads Manager in 2021

What to Do if You Don’t Get the Email from Google

If, on the off chance that you deleted or didn't get the email from Google to accept your Advertising Agencie's request to get access to your advertising account, you can find and accept the pending requests by:

clicking on the “Tools” icon in the top bar > click “Account access” (under “Setup”).

You’ll end up on the “Users” tab…

…so you’ll need to click on the “Managers” tab to see and approve pending requests.

From there, all you have to do is click “Accept”! Approving a request is easy!

And that’s it! Getting or granting access to a Google Ads account is a relatively easy process, and allows us to manage your advertising campaigns on your behalf to get lower cost on your advertisements and continually monitor them to increase performance and reduce competitor and fraudulent budget wastage.

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