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Get paid for referring our services


Referrals invoiced and paid over $5,000


Referrals invoiced and paid over $2,500


Referrals invoiced and paid over $1,000


Rental Referrals invoiced and paid over $150

How to lodge a referral

If you have someone in mind who you think may benefit from our services, refer them to one of our below links and ask them to mention your name. It is important that they mention your name for us to be able to notify you of a successful referral.

Contact the person and mention our services to them, ask them to visit one of the below links depending on which service they need:

Videography & Photography:

Website Development:

Equipment Rentals:

They need to fill out the contact us form and mention your name as a referral. They will be given a quote and then invoiced.

Upon us receiving full payment for the invoice you will be contacted and paid for your help within 14 days.


We ("Gravity Tehcnology & Media", "this business") would like to target businesses and people who would find our services useful and we appreciate your help building this business, you are an important asset in finding clients to provide our high-quality offering to. Some important terms and conditions for this referral program include: 1. If, for any reason, the invoice is not paid in full or we do not receive the payment in our deposit account, we will be unable to pay out your referral; 2. The amount to be paid to you will be dependent on the final amount paid, less GST; 3. Please ensure you do not mass distribute or make false representations of our services, brand, offerings, or post anything about our staff or our business which may be untrue or misleading - we will not be held accountable for any statements or conduct by yourself or others; 4. These referrals and any payments attached to them are not offers of employment, you will not at any point in time be contracted to or working for Gravity Technology & Media, Andcorp Enterprises Pty. Ltd. or any related parties; 5. This program is intended to be a fair exchange of monetary compensation for successful referrals where this business has had a direct and secure revenue, if for some unforeseen circumstance the revenue from the referral is not secure or does not materialise this business will not be liable or held account to any referral payments for that referral; 6. These terms and conditions are an attempt to regulate an outcome where referrals with good will are honoured with due payments, if by some method of exploitation or loophole the referral made through this program are deemed by this businesses to not be of good will we will not be liable or held account to any referral payments for that referral; 7. We reserve the right to not accept a referral; 8. All figures quoted above are in AUD; and 9. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 

© 2016-2020 Gravity Media & Technology (ABN: 93610329934) is a registered business name under Andcorp Enterprises Pty. Ltd. an Australian owned and operated company (ACN: 610329934). View our Privacy Policy

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