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Using Social Media Platforms for Effective Marketing

Using social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to grow your customers and boost sales. Statistics show that around 3.96 billion people use social media across the globe, making it a popular platform for communication and advertisements. Social media advertising can help you to potentially raise conversion rate and generate sales without breaking the bank. So, if you’re looking to gain more leads, here are the best social media platforms you need to focus on:

1. Facebook

Facebook is one the most renowned social media platforms with over 2.6 billion monthly active users worldwide. With such a huge audience, it is easy to connect a quarter of the world’s population on the go. Whether you’re running an eCommerce business or an email campaign, Facebook ads are an effective medium for generating leads and boosting conversions. You can post a variety of marketing content on Facebook, including whitepapers, e-books, giveaways, etc.

2. Instagram

With more than a billion users, Instagram is reported to be the most influential social media platform as of January 2021. Mostly used by young adults, it’s a great place to share photos and videos with your followers. Besides, Instagram is said to generate 58% higher engagement rates than Facebook and 2,000% more than Twitter. Thus, you can post ads with appealing photos and eye-catching videos to target your audience and boost sales.

3. Twitter

Twitter, with its over 322 million users, provides unparalleled advertisement access to connect with mainstream influencers and marketers. Known for its organic engagement, Twitter users are estimated to make 6.9 times more purchases a month. Additionally, the cost of advertising on Twitter is quite low when compared to Google; thus, this can be an affordable investment for optimized marketing.

4. Pinterest

With 175 million monthly users, the majority of Pinterest’s audience is female. The social media platform has around 60% female users. Pinterest is a great platform for women-centric businesses, including fashion, beauty, and more. Its demographics suggest that those products that are targeted towards young women are more likely to produce high sales and traffic.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has 740 million members spread over 200 countries. Widely known for its B2B marketing, it’s a platform you can use to increase your average disposable income. More than 75% of LinkedIn users make $50,000 annually, specifically through B2B, text ads, sponsored content and InMail social media advertising. Besides, the average cost per click rate on LinkedIn is also more competitive than Google.

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