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Services for businesses affected by Australian bushfires

Throughout the beginning of the year we started a program to support small businesses who have been impacted by the 2019-2020 Australian Bushfires. We know that this was an extremely difficult time for many businesses, in particular those operating within the tourism industry. So we offered free and discounted videography and photography services to those businesses to help get them ready for when they reopen.

We recognise that following the fires, and now a global pandemic a lot of these businesses are even worse off so we are extending this program until the end of the year. Having a good library of video and photo based media goes a long way in helping promote a business to the world and showing potential customers what you can offer.

We want to help support those who have unfairly been impacted by events out of their control. If you, or someone you know, has a small business and would like to discuss how we can help please reach out to us on our website form:

Offer ends 31 December, 2020. We will review this program at the end of the year.

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