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Mobile app

As a registered client you have access to our mobile application on Android and iPhone devices. To access the app click here. The application provides on the go access to updates, events, special discounts, the ability to rent our equipment and more!

Promote your business!

From time to time we will reach out to clients to offer free ways to promote your business on our online assets. If you have any ideas, or would like to be part of this feel free to reach out using our chat feature to the right.

Business Referrals

As many of you already know we do not have the time to take on all the jobs we obtain through our expert marketing. One of the privileges of being a renter through us is that you can and likely will at some point be given with job referrals. We take 10% just to cover advertising expenses and you take the rest! To date, we have made a couple dozen referrals and will continue as we build up a base network of experienced professionals and our site moves up the rankings. Likewise, if you think there is something without our field of expertise we also have a referral fee we can pay to you!

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