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Why having a videographer is important in 2020

Video marketing is an effective way to increase traffic, improve your brand image, and ultimately lead to sales, particularly for resorts, real estate, and businesses that are reliant on websites to generate sales.

Studio setup for video production


As mobile and household data plans are rapidly becoming larger and even in a lot of cases allowing consumers access to unlimited data - now is an ideal time to embrace the most effective and engaging form of media, video. It allows you to showcase more of your resort, branding, product, or service in an eye-catching way.

Tourism website loaded on desktop and laptop

Access more of your audience:

There is a vast amount of evidence that Google, Bing, and other search providers are factoring in video in their website rankings to give those well-designed and engaging websites priority which helps boosts the amount of consumers, tourists, or potential clients greater access to your online assets.

Things to discuss with your Videographer to make your marketing effective:

  1. Centre the content of the videos around what would be exciting for your target audience (think the equivalent of jet-skiing, massage packages, and fine dining for attracting tourists to resorts);

  2. Keep the videos short and show the most engaging footage;

  3. Do not use a higher-quality video than you need to as search engines can punish those websites who use over-the-top quality that takes ages for visitors to load content; and

  4. Talk about forming a business relationship with your videographer, having one that knows your business and your audience is the best way to reduce the cost of their services and also ensure you get good quality media.

If you would like further information, or to contact us, please feel free to visit our main page and reach out :)

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